The Purple Stars - Alpine Ski Trip

On Monday 26th March, a group of young carers (also known as The Purple Stars) were treated to an hour of donutting at The Alpine Ski Centre in Aldershot.

After a safety chat and and helmet check, the children chose their donuts and prepared to climb the steep slope - with the help of a pully lift! Once at the top and with donuts in position, the 'Purple Stars' and Miss Bending dived in, clutched the handles tightly, and launched themselves down to the bottom of the slippery run. Shrills of laughter (a few screams too) filled the air and the entire Ski Centre! The gang of thirteen then spent the whole session clambering up and sliding down the hill.

Tallulah in Year 3 said that she really enjoyed linking the donuts with her friends.

George in Year 4 said that donutting was great fun.

Krystal in Year 5 said it was amazing and Kiera in Year 6 liked crashing into her friends at the bottom of the slope.

The Purple Stars meet every Tuesday lunchtime with Mrs Cluness. The group gives children a chance to have some fun and timeout from the extra caring responsibilities that they take on at home by helping a family member who has additional needs. 

2018 3 26 Donutting 2

2018 3 26 Donutting 1