The Talavera Chicks

After their arrival on Monday, Indian Elephants eagerly watched the incubator, waiting patiently for the 7 eggs the school has received to hatch. 
On Wednesday, at 3:00 pm, much to the children's delight, 2 chicks hatch out of their eggs. Miss Cutforth popped them into their cage after their 6 hours drying time, when she discovered another had hatched. By the time the children arrived back into school on Thursday morning, they had 3 babies chirping away for them to look after. 
The children have been incredibly excited about their responsibilities and have loved watching the chicks stumble around. They have had the opportunity to hold them, clean out their living space and top up their food and water. 
A final chick was moved from the incubator on Thursday afternoon. 4 eggs hatched...3 to go. 
Chicks 1Chicks 4Chicks 3Chicks 2