Wavell More Able Maths Challenge

 On Friday 29th September, 12 pupils from year 6 participated in the Wavell Maths Challenge. The selected pupils were: Alicia Seke, Savion Shah, Bulou Rakanace, Togis Tamang, Oliver Walker, Oswin Thapa, Epa Tamatawale, Tayla-May Swift, Amelie Auns, Kevin Gurung, Maxim Rana and Sunil Gurung. Schools from the local area competed in the event with 48 children attending in total. The challenge consisted of 3 rounds: logic, cross number speed and shuttle. The questions certainly got the children’s minds racing and challenged their knowledge of a wide range of curriculum areas. Even though our teams did not win on this occasion, the children thoroughly enjoyed the competitive nature of the event and would highly recommend it next year for the current year 5s. Thank you to Wavell for hosting such a fantastic maths afternoon.