Year 3 Angel making with the Infant school Yr 2

On Monday, 4th December 2017 Year 2 came across from the Infant School to make an origami angel with Year 3.  Each pair was given a piece of card and we cut out the circular shape.  We cut along one long, straight line and then cut out a crescent shape to make their head.  After that we cut a line half way down.  This would help us make the wings later.  The infants were supported by a Year 3 child to help them with cutting, decorating, sticking and folding their angel.  We decorated it with glitter before we stuck on a piece of thread on the back of the head so we could hang it on our Christmas trees.  When the Year 2s had gone back to school, Year 3 made their own angels without as much support.  Everyone enjoyed it!


By Tallulah Ricketts and Abhay Gurung