Year 3 Butser Farm Trip

On Thursday 7th November, year 3 visited Butser Ancient Farm to discover more about their current topic, 'The Stone, Bronze and Iron Age'. The trip began with stories about this prehistoric time period in a replica round house whilst sitting around an open fire. After listening to the fascinating speaker, we were then split into classes and began to participate in a series of activities. Throughout the course of the morning, each class had an opportunity to:
  • Become archaeologists by digging up 'animal bones' and discovering which creature they would have come from 
  • Create their own chalk carving using a piece of flint and a green leaf
  • Create a fence using the technique of wattling that was common during this time period
After all the fun of the morning activities, we were soon ready for lunch which we enjoyed back in the roundhouse with the burning fire to keep us warm! Before departing, all children took part in the final activity which was to make a ring using a piece of wire and pliers. We were all very excited to be able to take these home! 
We all had a wonderful trip and the Butser staff commented on how polite and knowledgeable we all are. One pupil even asked how he could get a job there in the future!