Year 3 - Party - The Tiger Who Came To Tea

There have been so many year 3 birthdays lately and we thought that it would be a shame not to celebrate! As Judith Kerr (the author of The Tiger Who Came To Tea) was also born on the 14th June, we thought we would have a tiger-themed socially distanced party to celebrate all the wonderful birthdays that have already been and will be occurring soon.

To prepare for the party, the children made their own tigers and decorated plates and cups! Miss Nash came dressed as the tiger but the children made their own tiger masks so that they truly looked the part!

Outside, the children had a tiger-food feast consisting of cookies, oranges, jaffa cakes and wotsits, all swallowed down with some tiger orange juice! Once their bellies were full, the tiger cubs participated in so,e classic party games, such as: sleeping tigers, musical statues and musical bumps! All children and adults had a fantastic time and can't wait for the tiger to visit again!