Year 3 trip to Butser Farm

On Wednesday 20th October, Year 3 travelled to an ancient farm to explore what life might have been like during the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age ready for this unit next half term. There were huge round houses with fires inside for heating and shelter from the rain!

They took part in workshops such as chalk carving, being archaeologists at a dig site and learning how to build a fence. To make chalk carvings, we had to be careful and use flint stones to carve our pictures into the chalk. Then we rubbed dock leaves on to make the chalk turn green! When finding artefacts, we used trowels to scrape away the dirt gently to find treasures from the past. We had to weave long, bendy sticks between four posts to create our fence too.

After lunch outside, we learnt how to make our own jewellery using copper wires and plyers. Look at our beautiful creations! Year 3 were such superstars for their first time at Talavera Juniors and were so worn out that some of them even fell asleep on the coach drive back to school!