Year 3 Trip to Wisley Gardens

Wonderful adventures at Wisley

On Monday 4th June, Year 3 went on a fantastic trip to Wisley RHS gardens.

When we arrived, we were taken to the learning centre to meet our Wisley teachers who told us about our activities for the day.

We started in the huge glasshouse. Inside, we saw many interesting, colourful flowers that we had never seen before. Some of the plants were so tall they covered the roof and their leaves were bigger than our heads!

Our workshop taught us all about seeds and seedpods. We looked at different types of seeds from around the world. Some huge, some tiny. We then planted our own runner bean seeds and even made our own flowerpots out of newspaper.

Lunch was a picnic on the grass. We all sat down and enjoyed our food but then we had some cheeky visitors. Two very naughty determined ducks kept trying to take our sandwiches and crisps. Luckily the teachers protected us and chased them away!

We spent a lot of time walking around the gardens. We saw a rose garden, a herb garden, some fruit bushes and an orchard, alpine plants which grow on rocks, a baby, giant sequoia tree which was 100 years old and by the lake we saw a family of geese.

It was a busy, tiring day but we had the most amazing time at the best gardens we have ever seen.


By Joyisha Thapa and Phoebe Drummond – Blue Whale Class

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