Year 3 Wisley Trip

On Monday, 3rd June Year 3 enjoyed a fantastic day of learning at RHS Wisley Gardens.  The children participated in 2 workshops - one about seeds and seed dispersal and the other where they planted their own courgette seeds. 

They really enjoyed walking around the stunning gardens and spotting pollination in action by hunting for bees on a variety of different plants, especially in the Rose Garden.  Identifying the different scents made by all the herbs in the Herb Garden was another fun activity - two particular favourites' were the pineapple sage and chocolate mint! 

We can't wait to hear how well all the children's courgettes are growing at home - feel free to bring in photos to show us their progress!

Here are some of the amazing photos they took during their trip.

IMG 4049IMG 4046IMG 4043IMG 4042IMG 4038IMG 4037IMG 4035IMG 4029