Year 4 Survival Sleepover

Year 4 finished off the summer 1 term with a fantastic sleepover and survival day. The children had a brilliant evening experiencing a ‘boot camp’ style work out where they had to develop and use their team building skills, improve their coordination and show determination even when they were tired. They all managed to really impress their teachers with the effort they put in and how much energy they still had after it. They finished it off with some rolling down the banks of the field (they even managed to get some teachers involved) and a run around with their friends whilst they enjoyed a late snack and drink. We then settled down for the night and surprisingly the boys won the sleeping competition as their rooms fell asleep first! Well done boys and thank you!

Survival day was jam packed from the start and the children were enthused and excited throughout. The first part of the morning consisted of shelter building, food and drink tasting from ration packs and discussing how to light fires and how to collect clean water in the wild. Everyone loved the food and I think it is safe to say it was their favourite part of the morning!


After break they set off on a navigation task. There were 9 different locations and they had to work in their teams to read the coordinates, find the point and then answer the survival question that was waiting for them. They really developed their map reading skills during this activity and understood the importance of working as team. We were really impressed with how much survival knowledge they had remembered. Overall it was a fantastic experience for the children. Thank you to all the children for fully embracing this opportunity and making it a great way to end the half term!