Year 5 Science More Able Event

On Friday 31st January 2020,  year 5 pupils from Talavera Juniors, St Michael`s, Wellington and Alderwood schools came together and took part in an astronaut selection process which was held by Miss Coombs and Miss Nash. Stage one tested our memory and fitness and asked us to plot our results on a scatter graph. For the second stage, we had to demonstrate our science knowledge by sorting different space objects into a classification key. Finally the last test was an astronaut investigation where we explored whether the height that a meteor falls from affects the size of the crater. We came to many different conclusions and evaluated that we would have to undergo further tests before sending our results to Tim Peake. Overall, everybody had a fantastic time and felt proud to have made it through the process! All of the adults were incredibly impressed by how well the children worked together and by the scientific thinking that was expressed! Congratulations to all pupils! 

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