Year 5 Victorian Walk

Year 5 became historians for the morning on a walk around Aldershot town looking for evidence of what the Victorians left behind. The classes went in different directions and discovered the history of Aldershot through its buildings and road names. After learning how Aldershot was built by the Victorians for the army. Mountain Gorilla’s were able to visit Edgar Jerome and see that it hasn’t changed much in layout over the last 150 years! Bengal Tigers visited the Royal Pavilion and learnt about the history and how it was built for Queen Victoria and her family for when they came to visit. Porpoise walked down Queens Avenue and found one of the original barrack buildings in the military museum. Lots of evidence was found and the children will be sharing their knowledge amongst themselves.

2018 6 12 Victorian walk 32018 6 12 Victorian Walk 2