Year 6 Fun Days

Those of us who didn't go to Hindleap stayed at school for three fun-packed, very busy and generally quite mucky and wet days! Splitting ourselves into competitive teams, we took part in all sorts of challenging yet fun events: raw egg and spoon races; jelly races; welly-wanging (watch out behind!); and some hilarious paired blind races, in which one sighted child led a blind-folded one! We also valiantly triumphed in team grass-skiing, which required lots of teamwork, but failed miserably to float a ball in a drainpipe pierced with many holes - drenching many children! Still, because we all got soaking wet, we had a great time. Huge thanks to our parents for sending us in with spare clothes! In addition to these activities, we enjoyed a cinema trip to see Toy Story 4, made and ate the most delicious freshly-baked pizzas, iced and gobbled down biscuits, were whizzes at quizzes,and generally had an exhausting but brilliant time. We loved the games and made strong bonds with new friends!

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