Sea City Trip

 On Friday, Year 6 visited Sea City museum as part of their Seven Seas topic. All of the children attended a workshop about the sinking of Titanic. As part of this workshop, the children predicted whether their characters survived or died during the tragedy, experimented to find out which parts of the ship could be damaged without sinking, and handled artefacts which would have been aboard. 

The children were also guided around the museum by a member of museum staff who gave them challenges to complete and gave them the inside scoop on what really happened. The children commented that they did not know many of the facts they learnt during this tour. They also gained a new respect for the coal trimmers when they had a go themselves at shovelling coal for just 30 seconds!
Year 6 had a fantastic day and have come away excited to continue with their topic and learn even more! A big thank you from us to the staff at Sea City!