Year 6 Leavers Party by Sukriti Gurung

Year 6 Party

Thursday 12th July was the day of our year 6 leavers’ party. We were split into groups and either went to: Tesco to buy the food; Wilko to buy decorations; or the hall to ice and decorate the party cakes. When we arrived back at school, we started to blow up balloons but they take a lot of puffing- it really hurt my cheeks! After break, we had a water fight. Miss Bending tricked us into thinking she was going to take a photo and got us to line up outside Manatee class whilst the teachers poured water on us from the upstairs windows! During the water fight, I got soaked.  I had to re-fill my water gun so many times as my friends were just pouring water on me! We also got to have a go on the slip and slide which was so much fun but also very foamy! We also had our own separate year 6 lunch where we got to eat all the party food that had been bought… there was so much and everybody was so fully afterwards! After playing some team games, we ate the cakes that had been made with the help of Mrs Armit and then went into assembly for our Year 6 slideshow. It was quite emotional to watch but we have all made so many memories at Talavera and will remember them forever!

By Sukriti Gurung