Year 6 Mr Moss Poetry Event

On Friday 2nd November, Mr Moss (a grandparent of two of the pupils at Talavera Junior) visited our school to deliver a more able poetry workshop for year 6 pupils. We were all particularly inspired by Mr Moss’ interest in poetry and were keen to explore how he begins writing poems and works hard to get them published. After initial discussions, we then used one of the poems from his book as a stimulus for our own writing. The theme of the poem focuses on a time when the poet was initially scared but later overcame their fears. Using this same theme and structure, we then created our own intriguing poems, based upon a time where we were initially fearful of something but where our fear later subsided. We were all able to write a poem that we are proud of and will be publishing them in our own anthology for our book corners! Thank you Mr Moss for your time and for such a delightful afternoon- we hope that you will come back to Talavera again soon to share more of your wonderful collection.