Year 6 Party Time!

Yesterday evening, year 6 had a brilliant time at their end of year Oscars party. The evening started in style, with our pupils turning up in all their finery - some high heels got kicked off pretty quickly to be able to best join in with the selfies and running around!

The party really started when we got going on the games. One game required us to get on our knees and try to catch marshmallows with our hands behind our backs. Those of us who found that too tricky enjoyed a disgusting game of Chubby Bunny - how many marshmallows could we fit in our mouths?! We also tried to move maltesers using only a straw. Any chocolates that we managed to move, we got to eat - result! We also had a great time gorging on sweets which fell out of the pinata. Our teachers did a pretty terrible job when it was their turn to whack it!
Continuing the food theme, we enjoyed pizza and cakes home-made by our very own party planner, Mrs Read. 
We ended the evening with our awards ceremony. We are all so supportive of our fellow year 6s, whether that was for winning the Darling of the Year or for Smelliest Fart!
Thank you to Mrs Read for all of her wonderful organisation - we had an incredible time. What a way to end the year!
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