Year 6 Performance of The Lion King

This week our year 6s performed their incredible production of The Lion King three times; pride nowhere near does justice for how they made us feel, watching them sing, dance, drum and act better than we could have ever imagined. We have been wowed by every single member of our year group, whether they were a principal actor, a member of our production crew, or part of our choir or the slickest backstage crew ever known. 

As always, thank you for your support in helping your children learn their lines, practise their songs and get to school ready to perform their hearts out. 
A special thank you to Mrs Gilfoyle, who created our costumes again this year, which were a huge hit. Dancing giraffes will always be a highlight!
The year 6 team
Our Production: By Amelie and Aimee
The year's production of The Lion King went phenomenally and surely the best one yet. Our talented year group have been working their socks off and have given it their all in every performance. Every single person had a special and important role in The Lion King, from the main characters all the way to the backstage crew. 
The main characters (older Simba - played by Bulou; younger Simba - Nandi; Mufasa - Avenai; Scar - Amelie; Timon - Epa; Pumbaa - Togis and many more) stunned all of us. We will never forget the time when Pumbaa and Timon took their place in the comedy Hall of Fame. 
The children all have their favourite parts. Take Amelie and Aimee for example: why, when Amelie loved the stampede, and Aimee loved the reaction (if you saw the play, you won't have been able to help but sing that!). 
We would have never been able to put the pieces of the puzzle together without a parent who used their own time to make the amazing costumes that all of the children adored. 
We hope you enjoyed it and will come to next year's production!
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