Yr6 Hobgoblin Theatre Production

On Friday 16th March, year 6 had a visit from Hobgoblin Theatre company who performed a WW2 play. The play was about a family who were living in London during the Blitz and whose eldest son, Richard, was fighting away at war. During the performance, the family were all excited for Richard to return home for rest and recuperation. However, unfortunately they received a telegram explaining that Richard had been killed. Although the play had a sad ending, it helped us appreciate our families and the sacrifice that people made for our country.

After the play, we got to take part in a drama workshop where we learnt how to become human sculptures and to create 3 dimensional frozen pictures. In particular, we focused on using our facial expressions to convey our emotions rather than our voices.

We thoroughly enjoyed the morning and rate Hobgoblin Productions 10 out of 10. We would love them to come back in the future!

Manatee English Class