Autumn 1 2018

Autumn 1

What a lovely start to a new school year! The children settled beautifully and from day dot the learning was at the high expectation we expect. The new arrivals in all year groups have settled really well and year 3 have very quickly adopted to the ‘Talavera Way’.

This year we want to continue to build on the brilliant year we had in 2017-2018. As a school we keep evolving and aiming to be the best we can. Providing the highest quality education in our community.  Ofsted really captured this drive in their report with phrases and statements such as:

- ‘Every learning minute counts’, is at the core of all you do.

- Pupils are rightly proud of their achievements, and many told me about how teachers have enabled them to improve their learning.

- The atmosphere throughout the school is calm, positive and purposeful. Pupils are friendly and welcoming to visitors and their behaviour in lessons and around the school is superb.

- Pupils take great pride in their learning and are industrious in their work.

- Pupils are highly motivated to achieve.

- Pupils enjoy many rich and varied experiences to inspire their learning at the higher standard in reading and mathematics.

-  In mathematics, teachers use expert subject knowledge and skilful questioning to extend and develop pupils’ learning at the higher standard.

- You successfully make the achievement of disadvantaged pupils a priority.


These are just a few examples from the report. However, the whole report celebrates our achievements as a school and community, how our children love learning and make excellent progress.  So what is our focus this year?

Keep on going! Keep on reflecting and adapting to ensure our standards are even higher and we engage our community fully.  We are continuing to make ‘marginal gains’ across the curriculum: small changes or approaches to further improve our provision.   Please take a look at our School Improvement Plan’ for parents 2018 -2019, which is attached below.


One key area for gains this year is ‘Greater Depth’ in reading and maths across years 3, 4 and 5. Last year we made strong gains in this area and closed the gap towards the year 6 percentages of children at Greater Depth. I am really confident that this year we will meet our challenging targets with the fantastic provision of challenge and task design throughout the school.


Please keep looking through our website to see all the exciting curriculum opportunities the children have experiences so far in the latest news section.