Miss Cutforth 26.02.20

Here at Talavera we are passionate about creating a well-rounded and creative curriculum which provides all children with essential knowledge taught through a range of learning styles and experiences. Over the years I have been at Talavera, I have watched our children grow in confidence due to the passion we have developed for independence and well-informed children. Ensuring children are able to communicate with ease and fluency in a range of subjects allows our children to articulately express their thoughts and considerations about their learning.

I am proud to say that our teachers work extremely hard to ensure all backgrounds make progress with exciting lessons which are delivered with passion and enthusiasm. Walking into each class and watching the children engaged in a range of activities filled me with pride. The buzz for learning which surrounds each subject is infectious.

Each year group is dedicated to organising trips and events for the children to develop a wider understanding of all areas from days away, extending the knowledge beyond the classroom and hands on experiences in workshops to diverse experiences in the school including launch days and events to stimulate interest and curiosity. Subject leaders put in an incredible amount of energy to ensure that the whole curriculum is covered in a stimulating and creative way to make the most impact on the children.

Our passion for preparing each child to be a life-long learner can be seen in every classroom. The high-quality provision is reflected not only in the results but also in the children’s attitudes and behaviour.