MRs Litwin - SENCO - 10.02.21

Hello everyone. 

As the SENCO, I am incredibly passionate about our Special Educational Needs pupils. Over the past year we have been developing training, resourcing and planning in regards to our SEND provisions. Although Covid has put a spanner in the works as far as training is concerned, we have tried to ensure we offer either a school place or home support for our SEND children during this difficult time in education.

We are lucky enough to have the most amazing and well-qualified team of Learning Support Assistance who before school closures and social distancing rules, had weekly training in regards to our forever improving curriculum and supporting children within the classroom. This ensures all children have access to the best possible support at all times.

We have robust assessments and interventions within all year groups to ensure that all SEND children are given the very best opportunity to catch up and feel supported within their learning.  These interventions are evaluated and assessed at termly points to ensure all children are making the necessary progress.

Our teaching staff are wonderful at adapting their planning, resources and teaching styles to ensure they support the SEND children within their classes. We also have a close relationship with an external behaviour team at the HIVE and two ELSA’s that help to support all our children’s social and emotional needs, which in our current climate, is another essential support program for our children.

At Talavera, we feel every child and their needs matter and continue to ensure that we give all pupils the best chance in life by making them all secondary ready.