Mrs Webb 4.2.20

As 2020 is now in full swing, it is important to revisit our core vision as a school and our place in the community.  Our OUTSTANDING OFSTED was such a pinnacle point in our development; it established our school and confirmed to the wider community the quality of education we provide.  The report captured our school perfectly.  It stated that, “every pupil at Talavera Junior School makes rapid progress in the development of their skills, understanding and knowledge across the curriculum. The school’s vision that ‘every minute counts’ is enacted in practice throughout the curriculum.” This is indeed the heart of our school and continues to be day in and day out.

It also clearly stated that the school is led with “determination, tenacity and moral purpose.” As a head teacher and a leader this reflection is humbling. It is the core of your belief and the driving force to do the best for your community. Gaining such recognition a little over a year ago was just the beginning of the next stretch. Since this, we have driven our vision further and built on our best practice.  We were proud to be named the 10th best primary-aged school in Hampshire. We continue to grow and provide an education which is exemplary for each and every child in our school.

We have decided as a leadership team to blog different key aspects of our school life and professional development every month from a different leader’s perspective. Hopefully this will give you an insight into us and our learning community.