Mrs Winter 16.12.20

Mrs Winter- 16th December 2020

Wow-what a term it has been! I cannot believe that we have almost reached the Christmas break already! It feels like only yesterday that we were welcoming the new cohort of year threes into our school and now already they have completed their first term! This is now my eighth year at Talavera Juniors (my second year as Year 3 Leader and Assistant Head Teacher) but each year the school continues to grow and thrive, making it such a wonderful place to work!

Despite Covid and the restrictions that it has brought, our first term in year 3 has been full of magical moments that have been a joy to be a part of! Hunting Stone Age mammoths in English; visiting Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory in maths; and creating moving monsters in DT are just a few of the thrilling learning experiences that both captured the children’s imaginations and the teacher’s hearts. Next half term, the children will be travelling back through time to the land of the Ancient Egyptians and we hope to provide more captivating learning experiences that will stay with them as they continue on their educational journey.

As Assistant Head Teacher, I am fortunate enough to be able to witness many of the fantastic learning journeys that occur throughout the school. On entry to any classroom, I am met with motivated and enthusiastic pupils who are fully emerged within their learning. Whether they seek to share with me details of their topic, summaries of books they have read or explanations to their maths problems, their passion for learning always shines through!

Talavera is such a special place to work! Each adult truly wants the very best for the children within their care and will go above and beyond to create learning opportunities that promote a love for learning. In return, the pupils of Talavera live by the motto ‘Every Learning Minute Counts’ and their zest for learning is what makes this job so worthwhile!

2020 may have been a difficult year but it has not dulled the sparkle of Talavera! May 2021 bring many more moments of wonder, success and happiness for all!