Spring Term - Welcome back 2018

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas break and managed to spend some quality time with your child/ children.

As a school this year we are exploring ‘Greater Depth’ within our School Improvement Plan. It is a key strand, in which we want to develop our understanding and provision.  Our data for ‘Greater Depth’ attainment at the end of key stage 2 was really good for 2017:  above national standard and Hampshire. However, as you know, we always want to challenge our children and ensure we provide the richest and best opportunities possible for them to achieve.

So what do we mean by ‘Greater Depth’ or ‘More Able’?  Our curriculum provides children with rich and varied activities that allow them to gain a greater depth of understanding of key concepts and knowledge.  Within Reading, Writing and Maths we plan our lessons so children are challenged and as a school have defined what this means for each strand of their learning. We ensure our teachers have the best possible CPD and share their expertise. We strive to make our children lifelong learners. Carefully considered questions and tasks ensure every child makes progress and feedback is thorough. Your child has probably discussed their purple pens and challenging questions at home! Consistently throughout the curriculum they are further challenged after they have finished their learning to ensure they have closed the gap in their knowledge and can explain their learning or further develop their learning through challenge.

 marking labels

Alongside our challenging curriculum content we aim to enhance, enrich and extend our curriculum through specialist teachers and curriculum visits. All units have an extended visit opportunity. We work closely with local organisations and widen our children’s sense of community such as visiting local MPs, working with local charities and our cluster schools. In fact, we have led and run More Able science events, writing events and maths events within the cluster. Our children even had the opportunity to debate in the Autumn term with other children from Aldershot!  As you know we also offer a wide range of after school clubs ranging from drama to cross country, so that children can shine in all areas of the curriculum.

If your child has a particular skill or talent that they take part in after school could you please let us know so we can support you in nurturing their ability.

If you would like to see our challenge in action please feel free to come in and observe some teaching. Just pop in and ask myself or the office.

Thank you 

Amanda Webb