Spelling Wizards

Have you heard about Spelling Wizards?

Over the past year, Talavera has seen quite a transformation in spelling. Gone are the days where spelling is taught through dry teacher talk and repetitive worksheets. The look, cover, write check daily is now a part of Talavera history. Now when you enter a classroom where a spelling lesson is taking place you will walk into an alternate world, one filled with magic, spelling wizards, cauldrons and an abundance of practical engaging activities. Cauldron time begins the lesson where the children revise previous learning and compete to be the wizard of the lesson – only a true wizard can wear the hat and cast the magic wand. Rules are investigated not just taught be the teacher and each is thoroughly explored through active sorting and matching before practising and applying through a wide variety of games including: bowling, hopscotch, releasing words from Azkaban, silly sentences, beat the teacher and many more. Filled with enthusiasm, the children are eager to take part in their spelling lessons daily and now grumble and groan if this lesson is removed from their day.

We thank our invited parents who attended our spelling workshop, as both our teachers and parents realise that spelling does not only happen at school. With their ongoing support and communication, the children are also working on the words from their year group spelling lists, practising those using strategies such as: pyramid words, scribble spelling and hangman. Bringing the fun back into spelling both at home and school has enabled the children to show they are able to recall and apply these words in their weekly test and also in their English work.

As we have built on our spelling provision and shown incredible impact across the school, we were approached by Hampshire to share our good practise with others. Delivering our structure and practical activities with others on a Hampshire Council led course ensures that more schools in the area are able to jazz up their spelling provision and give more children the opportunity to have fun whilst they learn. This has also resulted in a number of staff from other schools wishing to visit Talavera and see first-hand our incredible spelling transformation.

Ask your children all about it!

Maxine Cutforth

Assistant Headteacher