Autumn Term 2016


Welcome  Back

With the Autumn term back into full swing I thought this was the perfect opportunity to launch the Headteacher’s Blog. I wanted to set up a blog so that I could share key moments and thoughts with our community alongside the wealth of letters, news, events and workshops; to create a forum where parents and stakeholders can gain a glimpse into the heart of our school and our vision for the journey to outstanding.

As most parents know last year was my first year in post as the Headteacher of Talavera Junior School.  Starting fresh in a new community and school, as many of you know, often requires a transition and settling period.  I, however was incredibly lucky to be welcomed by yourselves, teachers and of course your ever welcoming children. Parents and the community often asked me when I first arrived what brought me to Talavera. The answer is simple; I walked into a caring, calm ethos where children wanted to be there. Their pride in their school cascaded from every sentence, as they showed me all the nooks and crannies of the school. I was excited about the possible road ahead for the school and I wanted to lead that journey.

And what a journey we had! Our vision was simple and packed a punch. Every single child in our school has the right to achieve their absolute best. I passionately believe that every child has the potential to achieve and can see themselves as learners. Our new school ethos ' Every Learning Minute Counts' soon became embedded and everyone, children and adults alike moved with such purpose! As a group of professionals the teachers and LSA's developed their subject knowledge in Maths Mastery and writing for purpose. We all refined our teaching and became a model of exemplary practice. Therefore our children excelled, attainment flourished and children saw themselves as learners. During our annual visit from Hampshire it was noted how not one child was off task, all children were learners and the quality of teaching was excellent.

So where do we go from such a successful year? I told my staff more of the same please! Our School Development Plan has three key strands, which build on the progress from last year and further refine our practice.

Strand 1: Sustained Progress and further Raising Attainment

Strand 2: Our Leadership Culture

Strand 3: Community Hub


Within the short period we have been back at school your children have settled in beautifully. The school is purposeful and your children are making every learning minute count. I have had the pleasure of teaching some classes and seeing learning in all of them.  There have been wild things in year 3 sorting noun classes and year 6's beautifully recounting the Titanic’s final moments. I am an incredibly proud Headteacher.