Diary Dates & Assemblies


Our inset days for 2021/2022 are:-

2nd September

3rd September

1st November

4th January

25th April


School Assemblies

Monday Headteacher’s Assembly (follows a theme either SEAL scheme or PSHE)

Tuesday and Wednesday   Faith celebration assembly lead in phases (but planned by RE lead) / PHSE links to collective worship. Year 3/4 to meet on Tuesday Year 5/6 to meet on Wednesday.

Thursday Looking at the wider world in classes with thought provoking pictures or scenarios to reflect upon.

Friday Celebration Assembly (recognises achievements of individuals through the giving out of Special Awards to celebrate children’s work and extra curricular achievements. Whole school and staff attend.)

Singing assemblies will resume after Autumn 1 term.



Our inset days for 2020/2021 are:-

3rd September 2020

4th September 2020

2nd November 2020

4th January 2021

28th May 2021



Our inset days for 2019/2020 are:-

2nd September 2019 

3rd September 2019 

4th November 2019

6th January 2020 

20th July 2020



Hampshire County Council School holiday dates - Please see link below