Here is a copy of all letters that will be sent to Parents Via ParentMail during the School Year. 

We are a paperless school and will only send letters electronically. If you have any difficulties receiving letters via ParentMail, or downloading from this page, please contact the School Office on 01252 322156.

During the coronavirus pandemic


Covid-19-return-letter.doc 1st June 2020






Spring Term 2020

Y5-Hammerhead-Sharks-letter-to-parents-19.12.19-Farnham-Museum-1. 6th Jan 2020

Y5-Mountain-Gorilla-letter-to-parents-19.12.19-Farnham-Museum-1.6th Jan 2020

Y5-Porpoise-letter-to-parents-19.12.19-Farnham-Museum-1. 6th Jan 2020

Year-6-WW2-drama-workshop-3.8th Jan 2020

Year-3-Times-Table-Booklet-Homework-1 13th Jan 2020

Times-tables-apps. 13th Jan 2020

camping-trip. 21st Jan 2020

World-Book-Day-2020-Letter-1 5th Feb 2020

Air-Ambulance-Mufti-1 7th Feb 2020

Competition-Army. 10th Feb 2020


Autumn Term 2020

Year-4-robot-workshop-contribution. 10th September 2019

NSPCC 10th September 2019

Butser-Letter-to-Parents 17th September 2019

Letter-to-Parents-On-the-Day-NSPCC 16th September 2019

Bike-to-school-letter 18th September 2019

Reading-year-5-and-6-workshop-invite-2019-20-1.19th September 2019

Maths-workshop-letter-1 19th September 2019

Fijian-Day-1 19th September 2019

Chessington-trip-1 19th September 2019

Parent-Governor-letter 25th September 2019

More-Able-Workshop-Comic-Masterclass 25th September 2019

Paul-Lyalls. 27th September 2019

Healthy-Living-1. 30th September 2019

Chessington-trip-re-arrange 9th October 2019

Top-ten-tips-Linda-Parry.9th October 2019

Smoothie-Bike. 9th October 2019

Paul-Lyalls-visit. 10th October 2019

PE-Kit-letter-new-1 10th October 2019

Butser-Farm-Clothing-Letter-1 10th October 2019

Maths Workshop 16th October 2019

Dads-Vs-Kids 25th October 2019

Cinema-trip-letter-all-year-groups. 10th November 2019

Gun-Hill-letter-2-1. 12th November 2019

Year-4-teeth-disclosing-tables-IE-1 25th November 2019


Year-4-teeth-disclosing-tables-GP-1 25th November 2019

Year-4-teeth-disclosing-tables-BT-1 25th November 2019

Year-3-Egyptian-Workshop-1 25th November 2019