Testimonials from Parents

"Thank you for everything you do as a school.  I moved my son to your school in September because of the amazing things I had heard and every word is incredibly true.
I spent the first three years of my son’s school life thinking I wasn’t doing enough as a single working parent because I was being told constantly that he was underachieving and was an anxious child. Now we come to the present day and he hasn’t even finished his first school year with yourselves and wow he is blossoming, he has come out of his shell and is doing so amazingly well because his teachers believe in him and have made him believe in himself.
Thank you for everything you do as a school especially in these difficult times and please pass my gratitude onto his teachers because they really have made such a difference in this short time to my son's education." - February 2021

"I couldn't thank you enough for helping me with my son. It was hard but you were there every step of the way. Mrs Webb is a wonderful Head teacher with good parent partnership" - December 2020

"The school has excellent teaching qualities, communication skills and interpersonal relationships between the teachers and pupils are phenomenal" - October 2020

"Professional and caring teachers. The school is so enthusiastic towards the diverse and multicultural students. Very approachable teachers" - October 2020

"It's been a pleasure having my daughter at the school. She came a long way and thanks to the teachers who have made it really nice and easy" - September 2020