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Forces Families


To help assist you with school admissions within the forces community, please see the below video produced by Hampshire County Council.

Parent Guidance

Admission Criteria

Hampshire County Council is the admission authority for all community and voluntary controlled primary and secondary schools.  The admission arrangements are determined by the County Council, after statutory consultations.

For the normal admission round, all on time preferences will be considered simultaneously and ranked in accordance with the admission criteria. If more than one school can offer a place, the parent’s highest stated available preference will be allocated.

If the school is oversubscribed, places will be offered in the following priority order. Places for applications received after the deadline will be allocated using the same criteria:

1.         Looked after children or children who were previously looked after

2.         (For applicants in the normal admission round only) Children or families who have a    serious medical, physical or psychological condition which makes it essential that the child attends Talavera Junior School rather than any other. (Appropriate medical or psychological evidence must be provided in support.)

3.         Children living in the catchment area of Talavera Junior School:

(i)    Children who at the time of application have a sibling on the roll of Talavera Junior School or Marlborough Infant School or Talavera Infant School who will still be on roll at the time of admission. 

(ii) Other children living in the catchment area of the school.

4.         Children living out of the catchment area of Talavera Junior School:

(i)    Children who at the time of application have a sibling  on the roll of Talavera Junior School or Marlborough Infant School or Talavera Infant School who will still be on roll at the time of admission. [Where a sibling was allocated a place at Talavera Junior School or Marlborough Infant School or Talavera Infant School in the normal admission round in a previous year because no places were available at the catchment school for their address, the application will be considered under 3(i), above, subject to the address being the same for both applications.]

(ii)   Children who at the time of application are on the roll of Marlborough Infant School or Talavera Infant School.

(iii) Children of staff  who have, (i) been employed at Talavera Junior School for two or more years at the time at which the application for admission to the school is made, or (ii) have been recruited to fill a vacant post for which there is a demonstrable skill shortage.

(iv) Other children.

If you would like your child to come to our school please ring to make an appointment to visit. When you come; you will be introduced to our headteacher Mrs Webb who will talk to you and to your child so we can find out as much as we can to support your child’s start at Talavera.

During the visit you and your child will be given a tour of the school by our Prefects who are happy to answer any questions and talk to you about our school.  You will be introduced to Ashleigh Lynch or Janet Beauchamp who are our parent partnership link advisors. After a few weeks in school,  they will  meet with your child and make contact with you to ensure that your child has settled at Talavera and is happy in their new class.

During your visit your child will be introduced to their class teacher and the class TA. An information pack will be given to you telling you about the routines of school, asking you to sign permission slips and inviting your child to complete an ‘All about me’ sheet that will help their class teacher.

On your child’s first day they will be given class buddies whose job it is to look after your child whilst settling in. 

It is important to us that you as parents are involved in school and feel confident to come and talk to us to share any worry or concern. We want your child to be happy at school and confident to do their best. Working together can help this happen. If you need to talk to the class teacher, they bring their class out on to the playground at the end of the day, and would be happy to see you.

Please see the full admissions policy below and link for Hampshire County Council appeals.


Comments about the school:

  • Good discipline, good teachers, very supportive staff

  • I have not been in the school for a couple of years. What a fantastic difference. Change for the better!

  • They keep you up to date with all that goes on

  • Such well-behaved, proud children

  • They strive to teach the best….awesome teachers

Pupil Guidance

Coming to a new school can be a bit scarey! One of the good things about Talavera Junior School is that everyone is very friendly and wants to make you feel welcome.

When you come for your visit you will meet Mrs Webb the headteacher, and be shown round the school by two Prefects. You will see the adventure playground, the sports field, the IT room, the library, the wild garden, as well as visiting all the classes and meeting the teachers. You will also meet Mrs Lynch who will be there to make sure you settle happily into our school.

You will be given an information pack that tells you about school uniform, clubs that you might want to join as well as a menu for school dinners. There is also a sheet that we ask you to complete to give to your class teacher – ‘All About Me’. 

Mrs Webb will tell you which class you will be in and introduce you to your new class teacher and the Teaching Assistant. Everybody is very friendly and wants to make sure that you enjoy being at Talavera Junior School.

On your first day you will meet your class buddies who will be there to support you for the first 1-2 weeks helping you to find your way around the school and meet new friends.

Your class teacher is also someone who is keen to listen. We know children learn better if they are happy!